Webnegar Content Management System


Web Negar is a ASP and ACCESS driven tool for publishing and maintaining content on a website. Integrating Web Negar into your existing design is simple, but you could also use Web Negar on it's own, as an intensive Content Management System. Web Negar is extremely lightweight, very easy to install, and easy to use via a simple web interface.

  1. Multi Language (English / Persian)
  2. Search Engine Optimized
  3. Jalali Date Support
  4. Pages Management
  5. Comments Management
  6. News Management
  7. Files Management
  8. Downloads Management
  9. Settings Management
  10. Messages Management
  11. Forums Management
  12. Fun Content Management
  13. Users Management
  14. User Levels Management
  15. Work History Management
  16. Degrees Management
  17. Templates Management
  18. Languages Management
  19. Countries Management
  20. Categories Management
  21. Forms and Fields Management
  22. Statistics
  23. IP 2 Country Module




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