Khabargozar: Web Based News Management System

"Khabargozar" is a web based News Management System which can help you to organize your News Agency. It is powered by ASP and can be used with ACCESS or MSSQL.

The key features are:

  1.  Multi Language (English / Swedish / Persian)
  2. Search Engine Optimized
  3. Server Load Optimized
  4. News Management
  5. Users Credit System
  6. Users Management
  7. User Registration
  8. RSS Feed
  9. Javascript Feed
  10. Simple Search / Advanced Search
  11. Find and Replace Tool for templates
  12. Files Regeneration Tool
  13. Comments Management
  14. IP to Country Module
  15. Files and Photos Management
  16. Auto Picture Resize and water mark
  17. Templates Management
  18. Censor Management
  19. Settings Management




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