Integrated Admission System


IAS: Integrated Admission System” is a web based application that is mainly used by universities and education service centers to do admission process for their applicants.

The key features are:

  1. Multi Language (Persian / English )
  2. Applicants Registration (1 Step or 2 Steps).
    1. User Pre Registration
    2. Email Verification
    3. User signs up for an account.
    4. User logins with username and password.
    5. User completes the different required fields and files required by the system.
    6. User tries to finish his/her application. The system will do a full check on all required materials and will show friendly errors and help in case of any missing information.
  3. Issue cards with direct applicants access to attend at exam test center.
  4. Issue different labels to hold the exam.
  5. Announcement of exam results. Users can directly access their grades on the system.
  6. Users Management (Applicants / Exam Operators / Faculties / Department / System Admin)
  7. Application Form Management
  8. Academic Background Management
  9. Non-Academic Background Management
  10. Work Experience Management
  11. Honors Management
  12. Exams Management
  13. Exam Sets Management
  14. Grades Management
  15. Grade Import Tool (Accepts .MDB files)
  16. Applicant Number Assign Tool
  17. Newsletters Management
  18. Pages Management
  19. Settings Management
  20. Department Management ( in 4 levels)
  21. Files Review Tool
  22. Files Management
  23. Automatic File Restrictions check
  24. Contact Forms
  25. Settings Management




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