Post Plus

“Post Plus” is a complete solution to buy and sell photos online.

The key features are:

  1. Front End:
    1. Multi Language (English / Persian)
    2. Admin selected photos on homepage
    3. News headlines
    4. RSS Feed
    5. Google Sitemap
    6. Photo Search
    7. Categories Updated Photos
    8. Integrated Forum (Photo Plus has a forum itself, however it can be integrated with PunBB as well)
    9. Photographers List
    10. Photographders Profile Page
    11. New user registeration, email verification, and admin authorization
    12. Photo Multi upload by simple html
    13. Photo Multi upload by jQuery and Flash or Silverlight, or Google Gears or Yahoo Browser Plus or HTML5
    14. Order photos based on Mega Pixel size and order payment by points
    15. Online Payment to buy website points
  2.  Back End:
    1. Photos Management
    2. Users Management
    3. Settings
    4. Points Management
    5. Ads Management
    6. Orders Management
    7. Transactions Management
    8. Pay out requests Management
    9. News Management
    10. Forum





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