Website Design FAQs

What level of web design is really necessary to be successful?

This depends on the purpose of your web site, what you want to convey, and what your competition is doing. If you plan to sell products online you have to inspire a level of trust to your visitors before they are willing to input their credit card number on your web site. On our online quote system, the possible levels of graphic appeal and complexity are none, minimum, basic, average, enhanced, and advanced. If your selling products you should go with the enhanced level, this level will inspire confidence in your potential customers. The majority of established and trusted larger corporations tend to have sites at the "enhanced" level or higher. A large number of small businesses wish to convey a sense that they are established and no different from their competitors who are already established and trusted. Again, this can be accomplished by utilizing a graphic appeal of "enhanced" or higher. The lower levels are suitable for situations where conveying trust is not as important. You should also consider what level your competition is at. Some industries are known for having a very low level of appeal on their websites, if this is the case you only need to match them to be on par or slightly exceed their level to give you a competitive edge.

What do your developers do differently at the higher levels of graphic appeal?

At the higher levels of graphic appeal, namely "enhanced" and "advanced" our designers utilize and mimic the techniques used by high-end designers. This requires three components, the first being artistic talent. Our graphic designers are very artistic and have experience with the type of style used on high-end web sites. The second component is the software used. The graphic software used is several times more expensive and robust compared to the software used by amateurs.
Software used by amateurs is very limiting and tends to produce less appealing web sites. In addition to the lower level of appeal is the fact that less reputable companies tend to use this software to design their web sites. There is a certain look that is common with less established companies, "fly-by-night" companies, "get-rich-quick" sites, etc., that is simply due to use of cheap web-authoring software. The third component is experience surfing the internet and viewing a variety of different types of companies and graphical components.
Many web developers make the mistake of using free graphics or templates instead of custom making every graphical element of a web site. When free graphical components are used, your site is bound to resemble low-end web sites often used by "fly-by-night" companies. An experienced designer knows to avoid custom designs that resemble the readily available free graphical components. All our high-end graphic designers know to avoid the techniques and styles commonly used in low-end web sites.

Are all programming languages equal?

No. There are some common programming languages that require a specific type of server that is less reliable and more expensive to run. We use modern languages such as php to avoid this problem and pass savings on to our clients by means of reduced hosting costs. Also languages such as PHP tend to run faster than out-dated programming languages.But other languages are supported in Shot4u Studios on your request.

What are the qualifications of your web designers?

Apart from many years of design experience, we only hire designers that have logged thousand of hours of viewing experience. On average our designers have viewed in excess of 50,000 web pages each. This is extremely important for determining the styles of design that are consistent with trusted sites as well as design styles that are consisted with amateur sites.
Our developers avoid any techniques or styles used by amateurs. They all have an artistic background as well and understand the proper blending and balance of color as well as a background in photography.

What kind of banners do you do and how much?

All kinds. Any size, shape color(s), animated or not. Custom designed.

Can I submit my own images, pictures, drawings etc. to be included in my site?

Absolutely. We encourage you to take part in as many design elements as you feel comfortable being involved with. We also encourage you to write your own text.




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