Web Hosting FAQs

What is web hosting?

A web site host provides space on a computer "out there" that will hold your web site so it may be accessed by anyone on the world wide web. When someone enters your Web address (URL) in their Web browser, it looks up the location of the computer associated with that domain name. This 'host' computer then sends the files that make up that particular web page to the person's computer that requested it. In other words, it's your server or host that makes your website available to the world.

Can I host more than one domain on a hosting plan?

Each plan is designed to host one domain however, you can use the free url forwarding feature to redirect additional domains to the one you plan on hosting.

How do I upload the files to my web space?

You can either use FTP software (example CuteFTP) or you can use Web Page Design software (example Microsoft Front Page) to upload your web pages to the web space you have purchased from us.

Where do I get my FTP login information?

Your ftp login information will be provide via email after you register a hosting package . If you lost the login information, still you can request the information through "forget password", which is in the main page.

What should I name my main page?

Your main page should be index.htm,index.html,index.asp,default.htm,default.html or default.asp.

What type of OS (Operating System) is my web hosting account hosted on?

Your web hosting account is hosted on top of the line servers that have Windows 2000 Advanced Server or Linux, rely on your hosting plan, installed on them.

How do I upgrade or downgrade my hosting account?

We will need the following information from you to upgrade/downgrade your web hosting account. Once we have received this information it can take up to 72 hours before the change is done. Please email the requested information below to [email protected].
Domain name for web hosting:
Username for web hosting:
Password for web hosting:
New plan name:
Upgrade (Yes/No):
Downgrade (Yes/No):

What component can be used to send an email from ASP application?

Default Microsoft component CDONTS and Alternative components ASPEmail can be used to send the email from ASP application.

What are the advantages of shared web hosting?

Most businesses cannot justify the costs of having a dedicated server, dedicated Internet connections and all the hardware that goes with it. The initial outlay runs into several thousand dollars, and ongoing necessary maintenance costs are steep as well. Web hosting companies enable such businesses to share the equipment necessary (and therefore the costs) to enable them to maintain an impressive Web presence at a fraction of the cost of setting it all up themselves. Furthermore, businesses need not invest in in-house expertise and technical staff to deal with all the installation and troubleshooting associated with computer hardware and software. Another, often-overlooked advantage is that serious web hosting companies upgrade their equipment and Internet connections as new technology emerges - this saves businesses the cost and trouble of having to write off obsolete equipment and also invest in replacements for it.

Will my website be slow if I don't have a dedicated server and connections?

No. This will not be the case if you choose the right web hosting provider. A serious web hosting provider will not allow websites that hog bandwidth to be sharing with other websites. A serious provider will respond quickly to deal with possible problems and will take the necessary steps to anticipate others. Unfortunately, finding a serious hosting provider is often a painful process involving a few disappointments and frustration along the way. At Shot4u Studios we’ve eliminated this uncertainty by ensuring that our web hosting service is fast, reliable and comes with responsive support.

Why should I use Shot4u Studios as my hosting company?

Shot4u Studios offers complete, feature-rich hosting services at very affordable prices. We offer a different suitable plans so you can choose a level and a cost of service that's exactly right for your company. Our hosting environment gives you high performance servers, high bandwidth connectivity and around-the-clock support, all that at a small fraction of the cost if you have done it by yourself. Click here for detailed hosting plan pricing and features.

How long does it take to set up a new account?

New accounts are generally set up within 48 hours from the time we receive your order. Once an account is setup, an activation notice will be sent to you via email including your user-ID, password. You can then begin uploading files to your new website immediately.

Is changing web hosts a big hassle?

We've made your job easy. Just sit back and relax! We handle everything! We download your site from your existing host, recreate your site on our server, and handle the DNS transfer. We even make a back up of your existing site in the process.

Can I set up Subdomains?

Yes. After choosing any of our plans, we can easily add whatever sub-domains you require..

Do you offer personal CGI-BIN directory?

Yes we do.

What is CGI-BIN directory?

CGI scripts are used for creation counters, forms, guest books and many other services. We offer you CGI directory in a typical set of options. We also can offer you some ready-for-use scripts - attendance counter, search system for site, mail form and etc.

What language should be used for CGI (shell, Perl, PHP)?

All scripts supported on our servers are written in shell, Perl & PHP.

How do I get started?

Just check out the plans available on hosting. If you know which plan you want, go to our sign-up page and enroll in a plan. If you'd like a personal evaluation of your hosting needs or if you'd like to sign up over the phone, contact 98-913-238-2887

How secure is my Web site?

We employ the standard method of safeguarding against any malicious entry to a website on our server. This is done through the standard usernames and passwords that are assigned to each of our clients. Other security measures are also taken to ensure the security of your site.




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